Tuna Casserole as Culinary Redemption

If love languages exist, food is mine.

I don’t just love to eat, as that implies blind scavenging. Instead, I love to dine, to break bread, to be immersed in the experience, and I love the road that leads me there. It’s even better when someone comes along for the ride: I enjoy entertaining and aspire to make the people around me feel the same emotions about food as I do. Sharing a meal is a lovely way to get to know someone.

Every family, much like every chef, has a personality to their menus. I’m fortunate to come from…

Musings on Italian Wedding Cookies for when the World has gone Mad.

Tray of Italian wedding cookies; image respectfully borrowed from Lindsay Ann Loft.
Tray of Italian wedding cookies; image respectfully borrowed from Lindsay Ann Loft.

Usually I can take or leave dessert — I’ll almost always choose another helping of savory over a final course of sweet. When I do indulge, and when given the choice, pie is my favorite — it’s at the same time decadent and simple, and I’m a sucker for a delicious pie crust. You’ll never see me choose a slice of cake from a dessert display. That has been ruined for me by the contrast of years of delicious wedding cakes to too many cake wrecks made by my own hand. Of course I’ll always have a bite of wedding…

How to plan your wedding when the coronavirus gets in the way.

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

If no one else has told you this, please allow me to be the first: I’m so sorry this has happened.

Confusing, unpredictable emotions are expected while planning a wedding, even in the best of circumstances. When you imagine the worst-case wedding day scenario it’s probably a torrential downpour, a tux that doesn’t fit, a schedule that’s running behind or maybe a family member who had one too many signature cocktails.

Wedding Season 2020 includes the reality of a worldwide pandemic — it’s like the guest that refuses to leave. This unprecedented challenge, combined with a collapsing economy, intensifies those…

Cori Agostinelli Kalupson

Writer, Wedding Planner, Coordinator of Life’s Milestones.

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